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St Charles Catholic Primary School is consulting on changes to our admissions arrangements which will take effect for the academic year 2020-21.  The consultation period has now ended.  Details of the changes can be found at


Admission to our school is conducted in accordance with our Admissions Policy which is also published on our website. Parents are very welcome to make an appointment to come and look around the school, as well as attending open days which will be advertised on the calendar.

Detailed guidance on applying for school places is available from the Leicestershire County school admissions website Leicestershire Council School Admission Guidance. Parents should familiarise themselves with this information. Parents wanting to apply for a place at a Catholic school should also ensure they are familiar with the admissions policy for their preferred school, which is available below. However, the following information may also be helpful to consider:

Catholic schools are established to serve their local Catholic parish communities but applications for places are also welcome from Catholics of other parishes and from all parents and carers, regardless of faith or background, who would like their children to be educated in a Christian environment.

St Charles Catholic Primary has a published admissions number of 17.  For places Reception Class starting in September 2016 the school received 36 applications and the final place was offered to applications in the category 8 - Non baptised siblings, of the oversubscription criteria.

It is not possible to guarantee a place at any school and so parents are encouraged to apply to more than one school. Most local authorities provide for parents to express preferences for at least 4 schools which parents should place in order of preference. Catholic families are not limited to applying solely to their Catholic parish school. Parents can apply to other local Catholic primary schools if they wish and the inclusion of other Catholic schools in your preferences increases the chances of being offered a place at a Catholic school.


How to apply:

In the autumn term prior to a child’s admission to primary education, an application should be made to the Local Authority; there is a published timescale and a deadline to adhere to. This should always be before January 15th of their proposed year of entry. Applications are preferred via the electronic system. It is always helpful if parents also complete an initial expression of interest form so that school knows the likely numbers of children applying for any given year.

If the child is a Baptised Catholic, it is imperative that a copy of their Baptismal Certificate is attached to the initial expression of interest form or the formal application. Failure to do this may result in a child being ranked in a lower category than they should be.

Parents are notified in due course, by the Local Authority, whether or not their application has been successful.

Parents of older children wishing to transfer them to our school should liaise with the Headteacher of the previous school. Allocation of places will depend entirely on places available.

For further information relating to Leicestershire County Council Primary School admissions please follow the link below:

Leicestershire Council School Admission Guidance (Opens in a new tab / window)




If parents are unhappy with the offer of a place at the school allocated, they have the right of appeal. Please see the appeals timetable and admissions policy for further details.


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